KSTUR Dividend

KSTUR will give 3.6565 TL net dividend per share.

KSTUR dividends in the amount of 13,957,192.65 TL in gross, per KUSTUR KUSADASI TURIZM traded on Borsa Istanbul with the share code 3.6565 will be distributed to the shareholders.

KSTUR Will Pay Dividend

Dividend payment of KSTUR shares announced on 25-Şubat-2022 will be paid to shareholders on 24-Ağustos-2022.

Dividend Table KSTUR is as follows;

  • Stock Code : KSTUR
  • Cash Dividend Date : 24-Ağustos-2022
  • Register Date : 25-Şubat-2022
  • Cash Dividend : 13.957.192,65 TL
  • VD % : 365.36
  • HBVD : 3.6565
  • HBVH : 3.6565
  • SPK Approval : Approved
  • Status: Not Completed

Dividend Table

DateDividend YieldGross Cash Per ShareNet Cash Per ShareCash DividendPayout Ratio
09-Temmuz-20200.950,55 TL0,47 TL2.339.723,00 TL% 17
16-Nisan-201914.312,93 TL2,49 TL12.430.359,00 TL% 77
16-Nisan-20184.910,59 TL0,50 TL2.499.213,00 TL% 49
20-Nisan-20175.920,55 TL0,47 TL2.362.823,00 TL% 171
14-Nisan-20164.320,57 TL0,48 TL2.440.002,00 TL% 61
19-Nisan-20152.580,43 TL0,37 TL1.853.608,00 TL% 31

While the dividend distribution rate of the company with the share code KSTUR was 17% on 09-July-2020, it increased to 84.7568% on 24-August-2022. While the dividend yield rate was 0.95 on 09-July-2020, this rate increased to 1.6208 on 24-August-2022.

If you have 2000 lots, the dividend you will receive for KSTUR stock will be 7313 TL.

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