Shares to Pay Dividend in 2023 January

The details of 1 company whose cash dividend amount is certain to be paid per share between 01 January–31 January 2023 are as follows;

Shares to Pay Dividend in 2023 January

This month, OSMANLI MENKUL (OSMEN) paying a net dividend of 0.1405 TL per share will be making the highest dividend distribution in cash. The dividend will be paid on 31 January. Total {{DIVIDEND_TOTAL }} will be distributed.

2023 January Dividend Shares table

StockAnnouncement DatePayment Date Cash Dividend Dividend
OSMEN14-Ekim-202231-Ocak-20232.927.998,33 TL0.15 TL

Ocak Stocks by Monthly Dividend Yield

The 1 stock with the highest dividend yield : 0.24 was the OSMANLI MENKUL stock.

*Important Note: The data here is calculated based on the prices of the dividend stocks in 27 December 2022. Investors can use the (Dividend Ratio/Share Price)*100 Formula to find out their own efficiency ratios.

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2023 January Dividend Shares