SELGD New Dividend Decision

SELGD will distribute 1 TL net dividend per share.

SELGD - SELCUK GIDA It has been decided to distribute a dividend amounting to ¤198,000.00 TL, gross of 0.01 TL per share, to the shareholders.

SELGD Dividend

Dividend payment of SELGD share announced on 31-Mart-2022 will be made on 31-Ekim-2022.

Dividend Table SELGD is as follows;

  • Stock Code : SELGD
  • Cash Dividend Date : 31-October-2022
  • Register Date : 31-March-2022
  • Cash Dividend : 198.000,00 TL
  • Gross Dividend Ratio Per Share: % : 1
  • Gross Dividend Per Share: 0.01
  • Net Dividend Amount Per Share: 0.01
  • SPK Approval : Approved
  • Status: Not Completed

This Stock Has No Past Dividend Information!

DateDividend YieldGross Cash Per ShareNet Cash Per ShareCash DividendPayout Ratio
There is no previous dividend information!-----

The dividend distribution rate of SELGD stock was 31-Ekim-2022 on 31-Ekim-2022 and the dividend yield rate on that date was 0.1493.

If you have 1000 lots, the dividend you will receive for SELGD stock will be 10 TL.

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