05-09 December 2022 Dividend Paying Shares

05-09 December 2022 Dividend Paying Shares

Between 05-09 December 2022, ATLAS YAT. ORT. (ATLAS) with net dividend of 0.0393 TL per share will make the highest cash dividend distribution. The dividend will be paid on 07 December . Total 2.357.974,31 TL will be distributed.

05-09 December 2022 Dividend Paying Shares

StockAnnouncement DatePayment Date Cash Dividend Dividend
MTRYO17-Mart-202206-Aralık-20222.120.683,59 TL0.05 TL
ATLAS17-Mart-202207-Aralık-20222.357.974,31 TL0.03 TL

05-09 December 2022 Stocks by Dividend Yield

The 1 stock with the highest dividend yield : 1.65 was the ATLAS YAT. ORT. stock.

The 2 stock with the highest efficiency is 1.52 and METRO YAT. ORT. stock.

*Important Note: The data here is calculated based on the prices of dividend stocks in 01 December 2022. Investors can use the (Dividend Ratio/Share Price)*100 Formula to find out their own rate of return.

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