Information About Fresh Vine Public Offering

Fresh Vine Public Offering Informations

Fresh vines has great news for investors this week. The company announced that it will go public, and now the eyes are on new upcoming announcements. The company will hold a $21 million public offering.It announced that it will go public with a full 2.2 million lot size at $10 per share.No one wanted to be a shareholder in this public offering, as it was observed that the company had recently made a loss (about $5.99 per share).

In summary:

  • Lot size to be offered to public (number of shares): $2.2 million
  • Amount to be paid per share: $10
  • Company amount offered to public: $21 million

You can reach the public offering with the VINE code.

Who is Fresh Vine ? -Information About Company.

Fresh Vine is company which is founded at 2021 in California.The company promises you delicious, light and low-carb wines without sacrificing taste.In this way, it allows you to celebrate your special moments without sacrificing yourself. The company was founded by two actresses, Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough.